Beautiful Bougainvillea Flowers

November 8, 2015

Pink Bougainvillea

This Bougainvillea plant is placed near the window of the balcony. The pink flowers are very beautiful especially when there is direct sunlight shining through the window.

The blooming flowers extended outside the balcony, therefore,  they not only brighten my balcony, but also beautify the window of the balcony. When I am on my way home, I am so happy to see beautiful pink Bougainvillea dangling from the balcony window.

Photo of Pink Bougainvillea
Beautiful Pink Bougainvillea

Purple Bougainvillea

This photo of purple Bougainvillea was taken beside the pavement near my house.  The color is very sweet and beautiful.  There are many of these Bougainvillea plants scattered along the pavement. I stopped by, took photo and enjoyed the beauty of these Bougainvillea.

Photo of Purple Bougainvillea
Beautiful Purple Bougainvillea

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