Red Bromeliads

Beautiful Red Bromeliads

May 21, 2015

Red Bromeliads

The Chinese name of this Bromeliads is called pineapple flower (凤梨花).  . This is bought during Chinese New Year for celebration and brings about Happy New Year atmosphere. It Symbolizes prosperity. With its beautiful red flower which is the color for Chinese New Year, its happy and joyous to have it at home, office or surroundings.

Flowers are able to bring about calm, peace and happy feelings. As they are beautiful and natural, you feel happy and liven up your day.

Red Bromeliads


This whole flower plant with pot is roughly around 30 cm in width, more than 25 cm in height plus or minus. One interesting fact is different spieces have different heights can be tall or even miniature. Check out some information below.

“The inflorescences produced by bromeliads are also regarded as considerably more diverse than any other plant family. Some flower spikes may reach 10 meters tall, while others only measure 2–3 mm across. Upright stalks may be branched or simple with spikes retaining their color from two weeks up to 12 months, depending on species. In some species, the flower remains unseen, growing deep in the base of the plants.”

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