Black Beans Salmon with Capsicum Recipe

October 9, 2015

Black Bean Salmon with Capsicum Recipe

Hello my Friends, share with You savory and flavorful salmon steak and capsicum cooked with black beans.

You will definitely savor  flavorsome salmon and crunchy capsicum with the nice fragrance of black beans that is cooked with it and infused into this dish.

Ginger and garlic are used to cook in the oil before black bean and capsicum are added for stir frying, this made the dish even more fragrant and flavorful.

Black Bean Salmon With Capsicum Recipe

Ingredients :
– 1 Salmon steak
– Capsicum (3 colors) : cut into bite sizes
– Black Bean : 1 tbsp (wash away the salt if any)
– Ginger : sliced into 5 pieces
– Garlic : 5 cloves (crushed)
– Cooking oil
– Corn flour mixture (1 tbsp of corn flour with 3 tbsp of water)

Sauce Ingredients :
– Oyster sauce : 1 tsp
– Dark soy sauce : 1/2 tsp
– Raw Cane sugar : 1 tbsp
– Rice wine : 2 tbsp
– Black pepper : a pinch
– Water : 1/2 cup

Cooking Method :
(1) Mix all sauce ingredients in a bowl.

(2) Heat up pan with 1 tbsp of cooking oil, fry salmon until golden brown on both sides. Set aside on a plate.

(3) In a pan, heat up 2 tbsp of cooking oil, stir fry ginger and garlic until oil is fragrant, discard the ginger and garlic.

(4) Add black bean and capsicum to the fragrant oil, stir fry a while and follow by the sauce. Once the sauce starts to boil, add in corn mixture to thicken the sauce.

(5) When the sauce boils again, add salmon to the black bean sauce.  Cover salmon with sauce and  simmer for 1 minutes.

Fried Black Bean Salmon with Capsicum

(: (: (:      Hope You enjoy cooking and savoring this dish     🙂 🙂 🙂 

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