Hairy Plant that filled me with curiosity

August 13, 2015

Hello Friends, I was filled with curiosity about the name of this plant. I found this near a construction site. Its attracted me with the curly hair on it. Oh my, carefully look at this plant, some of the leaves have turn yellowish, I wonder how long can this little hairy plant survive (1st photo). Everytime as I

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Beautiful Red Bromeliads

May 21, 2015

Red Bromeliads The Chinese name of this Bromeliads is called pineapple flower (凤梨花).  . This is bought during Chinese New Year for celebration and brings about Happy New Year atmosphere. It Symbolizes prosperity. With its beautiful red flower which is the color for Chinese New Year, its happy and joyous to have it at home, office

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Sentimental Value of Beautiful Crocheted Red Jacket

May 12, 2015

  Oh dear friends, this beautiful red jacket with sentimental value was crocheted by my dearest grandmother when I was four years old.  I understand from my mum that my grandma got inspiration for the design pattern when she saw her friend’s daughter wearing it. It is still fresh in my mind that my grandma, sitting near

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Beautiful Bird of Paradise Flowers

August 8, 2014

My Wonderful World Surrounded by Flowers and Plants. Bird of Paradise Flowers Vow! There is beautiful Bird of Paradise Flower along the pavement. These bird of paradise flowers  have  petals of brilliant orange color with green leaves. There are Morning Glory growing in between them and it makes the Bird of Paradise even more outstanding

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Red ‘Wick’ Flower On Dinning Table And In The Balcony

August 5, 2014

MY WOUNDERFUL WORLD SURROUNDED BY BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS AND PLANTS Artificial Red ‘Wick’ Flower This  artificial red ‘Wick’ flower is a direct translation from Mandarin ‘Teng Sin’ flower. It is arranged and decorated by mother and place it on the dinning table, its red color brightens up the kitchen. This flower was later shifted to living

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