Juicy and Crispy Pork Chop Slices Recipe

Crispy and Juicy Pork Chop Recipe

October 14, 2014

Crispy and Juicy Pork Chop Recipe

This is a quick and easy deep fried pork slices with a thin layer of fine bread crumbs. The bread crumbs are made by baking the bread and blending them into fine crumbs. The pork chop is crispy on the outside while juicy and tender int the inside.

I enjoy this crispy and juicy pork chop with curry sauce and rice.

Juicy and Crispy Pork Chop Slices Recipe

Recipe of Crispy and Juicy Pork Chop

Ingredients :

  • Lean Pork : 400 grams (sliced)
  • Lemon juice : 1 tbsp
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • 1 beaten Egg
  • Corn Flour : 3 tbsp
  • Fine bread crumbs

Method :

1.     Oven baked about 6 pieces of bread until it is crispy and brown. Blend into fine crumbs when they cool down.  Place in a bowl and mix in salt and pepper to taste.

2.    Slice Pork into ½ cm pieces and slightly flatten them. Marinate pork slice with lemon juice, salt and pepper, add in corn flour, follow by beaten egg, mix well. Set aside for an hour.

3.    Dust pork slices with bread crumbs evenly, deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Note : Always check the heat and flip the pork slices as browning occurs very fast with bread crumbs.

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