Steamed Rice Flour Cakes Recipe

Discover Soft, Colorful and Savory Steamed Rice Flour Cake Recipe

April 19, 2015

Share with You soft, fragrant delicious rice flour cakes to You.  You can enjoy them with Your friends and family. There is also a prosperous meaning to this rice flour cake. In Mandarin its is called Fa Gao meaning prosperity and raised (rising to greater heights in life, career, wealth etc) Like to take this opportunity to wish You a prosperous Year ahead as well.

The beauty of this cake is its natural coloring made with foods like carrot, coconut palm sap sugar and pandan leaves. The Pandan Leaves gives green color, coconut palm sap sugar gives brown color, carrots gives orange color. For the white cake no coloring is needed.

You can dip this rice flour cake with coconut palm sap sugar and coconut flakes to boost its flavor.

Photo of  Natural Colored Steamed Rice Flour Cakes

Steamed Rice Flour Cakes Recipe

Discover more about this properous cake from excerpt below. 

Fa gao (simplified Chinese: 发糕; traditional Chinese: 發粿; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: huat-kué) is a Chinese cupcake-like pastry, most commonly consumed on the Chinese new year,[1] that is made of flour (usually rice flour), leavening (traditionally yeast, but can be chemical leavening),[2] sugar or another sweetener, steamed (instead of baked), until the top splits into a characteristic “split top” ”

“The name of the cake is a pun, as “fa” means both “prosperity” and “raised (leavened)”, so “fa gao” means both “prosperity cake” and “raised (leavened) cake”

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Photo of  natural carrot juice coloring of steamed rice flour cakes with grated coconut flakes and coconut palm sap sugar.

Natural Carrot Juice coloring for Rice Flour Cake with grated coconut and coconut palm sap sugar

Ingredients : (for 8 Rice Flour Cakes)

Ingredients for Steamed Rice Flour Cakes Recipe

Ingredients (A)
Rice Flour : 200 grams
Plain flour : 80 grams
Sugar : 100 grams
Water : 300 grams
Double acting baking powder : 3 tbsp

Colourings Ingredients :

Colors Ingredients for Steamed Rice Flour Cakes Recipe

1/2 carrot Carrot : blend into carrot juice (2 tbsp)
5 Pandan leaves : cut into small pieces and blend into juice (2 tbsp)
Coconut Palm Sap Sugar (Ready made) :1 tbsp

Methods :

(1) Mix Ingredients (A) until well blended. Divide into 4 portions, add in the 3 colorings, mix well.

Add in colourings to flour mixture for Steamed Rice Flour Cakes Recipe

(2) Pour them into mould. Using micro-wave ‘HIGH’ steam for 12 minutes, or  25 minutes for other food steamer.

Pour mixture into mould for Steamed Rice Flour Cakes Recipe

(3) Beautiful rice flour cakes with natural coloring after steaming.

Steamed Rice Flour Cakes

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