Fermented Black Bean Chicken with Potato Recipe

Fermented Black Bean chicken with Potato Recipe

October 10, 2014

Fermented Black Bean Chicken with Potato

Enjoy the taste of chicken and potato which absorbs the fragrance of the fermented Black Beans.

Fermented Black Bean Chicken with Potato Recipe

Recipe of Fermented Black Bean Chicken with Potato.

– Chicken tight (Boneless and skinless) : 400 grams (cut into bite sizes)
– 3 potatoes (cut into pieces)
– Fermented Black Bean : 50 grams (Smash 30 grams of the beans)
– Shallots and Garlic : 4 cloves each (Blended)
– Sugar : 1 tsp
– Cooking oil
– Water
– For garnishing : Chili and Spring Onion (optional)
– For marinating : Dark soya Sauce and Corn Flour (1 tbsp each)

Preparation before cooking:
(1) Boil cut potatoes. (because potato take longer time to cook therefore they are cut into smaller pieces).

(2) Marinate chicken pieces with dark soya sauce and corn flour, set aside for 20 minutes.

Simple Steps :

(1) Saute shallots, garlic and 30 grams smashed fermented black bean till fragrant.

(2) Add in chicken pieces, boiled potatoes, take balance of  20 grams of fermented black beans and sugar, stir fry for 3 minutes, add water to cover the chicken, simmer until chicken is cooked.

(: May add in more water for the gravy as it is so savory to serve with rice 🙂


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