Vegetables Tempura

Fish Fingers and Vegetables Tempura Recipes

May 9, 2015

Hi Friends, these fish fingers and vegetables tempura are crispy, crunchy and fragrant. A wonderful treat for any occasion whether it be parties, gatherings or for a meal. Recipe is at bottom of page, invite You to read it below. 

What is tempura?

Tempura (天ぷら or 天麩羅 tenpura?) is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.”

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Healthy reasons for using ingredients for this recipe

Sutchi fillets are used for fish fingers. For vegetables, broccoli, eggplants and bell peppers are used. Fish and vegetables are healthy and they specifically chosen for this tempura recipe. Eating fish benefits heart and brain.  Veggies such as broccoli eggplants and bell peppers are all anticancer. A side note is eggplants are good for heart health.

Why is ice water needed to be added to tempura mix?

Ice water is needed to be added to the tempura mixture. With Cold water added to mixture, gluten develops slower than warm water, making it more crispy.

Hope you enjoy savoring this recipe 🙂

Photo of Fish Fingers Tempura

Fish Fingers Tempura Recipe

Photo of Vegetables Tempura

Vegetables Tempura


Broccoli Tempura Recipe

Ingredients :

– Sutchi fish fillet : 400 grams
– 3 colors of  bell peppers
– 1 egg plant
– 1 Broccoli
– Ready-made tempura flour : 200 grams
– Ice water : 350 ml
– Cooking oil : enough for deep frying
– Plain flour : 50 grams (for coating of ingredients before frying)

Cooking Method :

(1) Cut fish fillet into strips and marinate with some salt and pepper.

(2) Cut broccoli into florets and all other veggies into strips.

(3) Add 350 ml of ice water to 200 grams of tempura flour, stir until uniformly mix.

(4) Coat fish with plain flour, then dip into batter and deep fry until golden brown.

Frying Fish Fingers Tempura

(5)For all veggies, do the same as step 4.

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