Fried Salmon with Garlic Sprouts and Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

Fried Salmon with Garlic Sprout and Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

Like to share healthy and yummy salmon with garlic sprout with you Dear friends. With Cherry tomatoes as side dish and lemon to add zest and sour flavor to fish, its an absolute treat. Introduce you some benefits of this dish below.

Health Benefits of this Dish
Salmon is definitely a healthy oily fish with omega 3 fatty acids. Together with Healthy Sprouts and Smoked Garlic, it adds more health benefits. Garlic and salmon lowers bad cholesterol. Garlic Sprouts is healthy and a delicious side dish to salmon with its fragrance. For More information of Sprouts, Check out Excerpt at bottom of this recipe post

For this dish, smoked garlic is used. What is smoking? Smoked garlic should be able to store longer as its smoked.

“Smoking is the process of flavoring, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood”

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 Yummy Picture of Dish Below

Fried Salmon with Garlic Sprout and Cherry Tomatoes Recipe


Ingredients for fried Salmon with Garlic Sprout and Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

Garlic sprout (cut into small sections)
Cherry tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
Light soy sauce
Black pepper
Minced smoked garlic
Parsley flakes

Note: Quantity of ingredients to be added as you prefer.

Simple way of cooking :

(1) Marinate salmon with some salt and black pepper, set aside.

(2) Heat up 2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil, saute minced garlic until fragrant, add in garlic sprout and cherry tomatoes,  light soy sauce and black pepper. mix well and stir fry them until cook and set aside in a plate.

Fried Garlic Sprout and Cherry Tomatoes

(3) With the same pan, heat up 2 table spoon of olive oil, fry salmon until brown.

Frying Salmon

(4) Before serving, garnish with parsley flakes.

If You can get garlic sprouts from the supermarket or markets it would be great as well. If you like gardening, growing your own sprouts is alright too. Below are some benefits of sprouts.


Growing your own sprouts is a great way to boost your nutrition, especially if you have limited space for gardening. Sprouted seeds of various kinds can contain up to 30 times the nutrition of homegrown organic vegetables and allow your body to extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fats from the foods you eat. If you want more information, please refer to our earlier article about sprouting. While you can sprout a variety of different beans, nuts, seeds, and grains, sprouts in general have the following beneficial attributes:

  1. Support for cell regeneration
  2. Powerful sources of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that protect against free radical damage
  3. Alkalinizing effect on your body, which is thought to protect against disease, including cancer (as many tumors are acidic)
  4. Abundantly rich in oxygen, which can also help protect against abnormal cell growth, viruses, and bacteria that cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment”

 writes Dr. Joseph Mercola on his article Black Garlic and Sprouted Garlic Have Enhanced Health Benefits

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