Fruit Salad For Breakfast and Their Health Benefits

July 17, 2015

Fruits Salad For Breakfast 

Friends, I enjoyed the distinct fragrance and flavor of  these fruits here. In this fruit plate are strawberry, kiwi, cherry tomato, blue berry and apple.  They are sweet and juicy. Strawberry and kiwi are soft in texture, apple is crunchy, while for cherry tomatoes and blueberry, the sweetness and fragrance burst in the mouth.

Fruit are high in fiber, high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the body. With its  properties of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, fruits help reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Some of the health benefits of these fruits are listed below the photo.

Health Disclaimer: Consult Your Doctor or Specialist on Health Benefits of Fruits for You.

Fruit Salads for Breakfast

Health Benefit of the fruits :

Apple :
(1) Lower the risk of cancer
(2) Reduce the risk of heart disease
(3) Good for digestion
(4) Boost immune system
(5) Help in blood sugar

Blueberry :
(1) Reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease,
(2) Boost immunity
(3) Reduce blood pressure
(4) Build healthy bone
(5) Improve mental health
(6) Anti-aging and fight wrinkles.

Cherry Tomatoes :
(1) Lower the risk of cancer,
(2) Regulate blood sugar,
(3) Reduce risk of high blood pressure,
(4) Prevent night blindness and improve vision,
(5) Prevent kidney stones and gallstones,
(6) Good diet for weight loss.

Kiwi :
(1) Good source of dietary fiber
(2) Reducing the risk of cancer, like colon cancer
(3) Lower the risk of heart disease
(4) Help regulate blood sugar
(5) Help in digestions
(6) Boost immunity

Strawberry :
(1) Improve heart health
(2) Reduce the risk of cancer
(3) Boost immune system
(4) Promote eye health
(5) Promote bowel health
(6) Anti-aging



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