Hairy Plant that filled me with curiosity

August 13, 2015

Hello Friends, I was filled with curiosity about the name of this plant. I found this near a construction site. Its attracted me with the curly hair on it.

Oh my, carefully look at this plant, some of the leaves have turn yellowish, I wonder how long can this little hairy plant survive (1st photo). Everytime as I walk pass the plant, I will stop to check how is it.

To my surprise, after 9 months, It has grown taller and stronger with many leaves (2nd photo). I feel very happy to see  this tiny and lonely plant has survived through hot sun and heavy rain.

Tiny and lonely hairy plant –  1st photo taken on 22nd August 2014 

Little Hairy Plant


Hurray, it has grown taller and stronger with many leaves- 2nd photo taken on 28th May 2015

Hairy Plant has grown up


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