HIF Cloud 2018 –UVU

HIF Cloud 2018 –UVU

December 21, 2018

A project by: Dylan Brown, Fan Feng, Natalie Hua & Chengyao Liu

HIF Cloud 2018
Making Mobilities – Exhibition of Wearable Prototypes

Wearable technology is an exponentially growing sector. Markets are rapidly adapting and transitioning from portable (mobile phones, tablets) to wearable (sensor and actuator) devices. Wearables that live on, near or in our bodies give rise to a previously unimagined level of data about users and the environment. We live within the Internet of Things and Smart Cities are becoming reality.

No longer are we tethered to our tech through power cables, wearable technology enables freedom of movement. Technology is embedded in our bodies and the very fabric of clothes, augmenting our bodies, enabling mobility. The mobilities paradigm is reframing our future.


UVU’s (ultra violet you’s) primary aim is to promote awareness about skin damage from solar rays and ultra violet radiation within the Australian context. The Australian summer on average has one of the highest UV indexes, regularly reaching an intensity of 9.5, that can cause permeant damage to skin cells within 15 minutes. UVU aims to tackle this through focusing on the education surrounding ultra violet radiation and skin cancer. The initial concept is the UVU snap band, this band will sense the current UV level and the wearers exposure and convey this to the user. This is in the aim of highlighting the time it takes for damage to be caused, to encourage sun safety practice and focus on ingraining habitual habits.


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