Hot and Spicy Chili Squid Recipe

Hot and Spicy Squid Recipe

Nothing could be more happier than to hear from my mum that the Chili Squid I cooked is exactly the same taste that my grandmother cooked for her.

This is a simple recipe which requires only chili Paste, shallots and garlic for this dish.

Hot and Spicy Squid Recipe

Recipe of Chili Squid

Ingredients :
– Squid : 500 grams (Cut into pieces as desired)
– Chili paste : 2 tbsp (add amount as desired)
– Shallots and Garlic : 5 cloves each (or 2 tbsp after finely chopped)
– 2 Onion (Cut into rings)
– Cooking oil : 3 tbsp
– Salt and sugar to taste
– Garnish with parsley

Simple Steps:

Heat up pan with oil, add in ingredients accordingly and stir fry until fragrant :

Add  in finely chopped shallots and garlic, stir fry, follow by chili paste, onion, stir fry mixture evenly. Then add in squid and stir fry quickly until it is cooked and chewy.