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November 16, 2018

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1) Outsourcing Software

There are 2 softwares that I suggest You try out for your business. But each have their own strengths and plus points that can help your business.

WP Project Manager

You can have good control and managment of the people that are working for You. Assignment of tasks, discussions, to do lists, milestones can be achieved with WP Project Manager. It is a All in one solution

The second software is GSuite,

You can easily use Excel to manage the tasks for your virtual assistants work. It also has hangout chats and so on which you can use to communicate. Words documents which can detail and write reports. Powerpoint slides to create presentations and so on. It is a comprehensive suite of softwares for project management

2. Blueprinting

Write Down the steps to do with pictures and video tutorials.

Set your organizational Goals and Needs

You can do up a document detailing Standard Operating Procedures

Let them sign a document that all the copyrights of the work done belongs to You.

3. Choosing An Outsourcer Company and

Choose reliable ones

4. Project Management

Set milestones and goals for your team to finish so that they can do the work in a accomplished date and time.

Get a project manager if your team grows from 3 to 4 people.

Interview the people whom  you are hiring. Get people who  have the skills and abilities to do your job. They also have to align with your needs.

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