Innovations in best wearables favorite special for you

Innovations in best wearables favorite special for you

December 7, 2018

Since the devices became small and smart enough to use in our body, we have seen many innovations in the portable device market, to track exposure to UV rays, measure our well-being, record the world around us and More Here are the favorite wearables: Fitbit Charge 3: is able to do almost everything you could want from an exercise tracker and something else. L’Oréal My Skin Track UV: Measures your exposure to ultraviolet light. With an integrated cable clip, you can put the small device in any part of your clothes. and it is activated by sunlight so it does not need to be recharged. Garmin Vivosmart 4: It is light and discreet, keeps track of almost all the fitness metrics you would like, and is backed by a Garmin application. Oura Ring: in its second generation brings a slimmer design and also some improvements in the tracking department. Xiaomi Mi Band 3: allows you to monitor your steps, calories, workouts, heart rate and more, is waterproof at 5 meters (16 feet) and even comes with a small OLED touch screen for statistics and phone notifications. Fitbit Ace: serves to control how much exercise your children over 8 years. It looks thick and colorful available in blue or purple, and looks a lot like the Fitbit Alta HR, and is able to cover the basics of step count and sleep tracking. Snapchat Spectacles v2: a basic and economical alternative to the GoPro action cameras, capable of recording what you are doing at any time, and leaving your hands free for something else.

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