Jakcom R3 Smart Ring For NFC Mobile Phone

Jakcom R3 Smart Ring For NFC Mobile Phone

December 7, 2018

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Jakcom Smart Ring is made of Liquid Tungsten, With higher strength, fixed color and non-allergic. Inlaid with Magnet,Germanium and FIR Energy Stone on the inside of ring. So it can effectively improve human beings’energy,stamina,physical strength. The side letters”M1″,”ID”, Are equipped with dual-core MCU Nxp Chipset.
Which could imitate and copy various kinds of IC,ID smart card chip. Such as House door, Building door, Elevator card, Parking card, Attendance, Shopping cards and other inductive cards, Transportaion cards andother inductive cards. The side letters “NFC is equipped with high-speed intelligent NFC chip.
So that could guarantee all of the features efficient and stable operation. For example, private note, phone lock, quick start, sharing information. Jackcom smart ring do not need charging,What’s more, ring has IP68 Class waterproof performance.

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