Keep a close watch on patients with the Philips wearable biosensor

Keep a close watch on patients with the Philips wearable biosensor

November 15, 2018

Philips wearable biosensors help caregivers keep a close watch on patients. One convenient wireless sensor measures key parameters for patients requiring more frequent monitoring on general floors and in the emergency department.

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Caregivers can have a new way to keep a closer watch on patients on general care floors and in ED waiting areas in need of more frequent monitoring, using wearable biosensor technology from Philips.

This discreet, lightweight biosensor provides the ability to wirelessly monitor vital signs, posture, activity, and detect falls, automatically and frequently.

Worn on the chest, the single patient use biosensor offers a broad range of continuous measurements, while giving patients enhanced comfort and mobility.

Patient data is sent to the Philips IntelliVue Guardian Solution, which analyzes the combined trend of the measurements and updates the patient’s EMR.

For hospitals feeling the strain of limited staff, the wearable biosensor and IntelliVue Guardian Solution provide your nurses peace of mind in the hours that pass between spot checks.

If the system indicates that a significant change or deterioration is occurring, an actionable notification is sent to the care team to mobilize early intervention.

This advancement in patient monitoring technology can help your hospital realize the benefits of fewer complications and returns to the ICU along with enhanced clinician workflow, length-of-stay management, and patient care.

The Philips wearable biosensor and IntelliVue Guardian Solution. Keep watch and intervene early.

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