[Money Monster] Ep.29 – Tech Review in 2018 (AI / New mobility paradigm / Smart technology)

[Money Monster] Ep.29 – Tech Review in 2018 (AI / New mobility paradigm / Smart technology)

December 20, 2018

Tech Review in 2018 – AI / New mobility paradigm / Smart technology / 인공지능 / 모빌리티 / Smart

[ Tech Review in 2018 : AI ]

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been designated as one of the promising technologies in 2018, according to various research institutes. Artificial Intelligence has grabbed a lot of attention in the global market along with the rise of an AI program, AlphaGo. This year, a growing number of AI technologies have been closely connected with people’s daily lives. And it has led various changes in a lot of different industrial areas including art. AI-based voice recognition technology is one of the areas that has actively applied AI technologies. The combination of two technologies have enabled the communication between AI and human. The AI-based speaker which enjoyed explosive popularity in 2018 in the domestic market, has contributed to improving the quality of people’s lives. AI has already exceeded the level of human especially in the fields of image and voice recognition. It has been applied to the fields of medicine and security to replace human works. And it has contributed to saving time and cost. Aside from replacing human works and improving the convenience, AI has been expanded to the field of art, which requires creativity. The collaboration works of human and AI have created a great synergy effect and it has led to the development of creative contents. We introduce AI technologies, which have been introduced to a variety of different areas and created a lot of new industries.

[ Tech Review in 2018 : New mobility paradigm ]

Innovative changes have taken place in a lot of different areas this year, and mobility is one of the fields that have achieved remarkable growth. Eco-friendly vehicles for environmental protection have been developed and electric vehicle has especially grabbed a lot of attention this year. Thanks to the expanded supply of electric vehicle, it has gained a lot of popularity among consumers and it has also been used as a means of public transportation. Also, commercialization of hydrogen-powered car, which has been considered as a pollution-free vehicle, has been actively promoted. Along with the development of eco-friendly vehicles, autonomous vehicle has also been in the spotlight. Based on the camera installed inside the car as well as throughout the streets of the city, it is possible to sense the surrounding situations more accurately. And it has contributed to improving the safety. Moreover, it has led to the market expansion and the developers of related technologies have achieved rapid growth. Along with the diversified use of different mobility solutions, personal mobility, which refers to the means of transportation for 1-2 seaters that use eco-friendly fuel, has created a huge sensation. Various types of personal mobilities including electric wheels, electric kickboards and compact electric vehicles have been used for various purposes including leisure activities, delivery and short-distance driving. We look into the development of a lot of mobility solutions which have achieved remarkable technological development in 2018.

[ Tech Review in 2018 : Smart technology ]

A variety of technologies for the fourth industrial revolution have been newly introduced in 2018. And smart technologies including IoT and AI have brought about innovative changes to the domestic and global economies. Smart city is one of the areas that have implemented smart technologies. A control center of the city can share data with various institutes in real time in order to provide necessary information to the local residents. Also, it can contribute to building a safe and healthy lifestyle. Healthcare is another area that has actively implemented smart technologies. Along with the commercialization of wearable devices, customized healthcare solutions have been provided and it has increased the satisfaction level of consumers. Also, it has become possible to receive customized healthcare services at home, without visiting the hospital. And smart farming is one of the promising industries for the future, which can bring about innovative changes to the domestic agricultural sector. Thanks to the smart farming technologies, it is possible to water the farms and control the greenhouses only with a smartphone. Moreover, the development of Korean-style smart farming technologies has boosted exports. We explore smart technologies which have been applied to various industrial areas and led the domestic economic development in 2018.

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