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Enjoy Beef Rendang with Bread & Prata (wrap)

Ready made instant paste and sauces make cooking easy, fast and convenient. Paste and sauces are made from fresh ingredients. They retain the traditional and original flavor.

For me, the paste and sauces require a variety of ingredients that are not easily available. These ready made sauces however are easily bought in local supermarket. There are also recipes written at the back of the sauces and pastes packet.

Enjoy Beef Rendang  with Bread & Prata (wrap)

Share with you delicious beef cooked with instant Rendang paste.

What is Rendang, Check out the definition from Visit Here –>

However, my own recipe has more gravy so that you can dip bread or prata (wheat wrap) into the yummy delicious rendang curry.

Recipe of Rendang Beef : (2 – 3 servings)

 Ingredients :

– 1 packet of Rendang paste
– Fresh Brisket Beef : 250 grams (Diced)
– Potato (cut into pieces)
– carrot (cut into pieces)
– Water 250 grams
– Fresh milk 200 grams

Cooking instructions :

Stir fry beef, potato and carrot with 1 packet of Rendang paste over low heat until fragrant. Add water and fresh milk to simmer until beef is tender and gravy becomes thicker  (Approximately 1 hour).

Tips : If you prefer dry Rendang, add less water.

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