Flowers photo taken in New Zealand

Photos of Beautiful Flowers and Tree Taken in New Zealand

May 14, 2015

Beautiful flowers and trees are one of the beautiful memories I had during the tour in New Zealand. There are many beautiful trees with flowers along the road side and residential area too. At residential areas, there are beautiful flowers in their gardens, outside the window and balconies etc..

During travel holidays such as these while appreciating flowers, my mood is lifted and I feel joyful. There were many new and interesting flowers that interest me. Some the photos are below.

I was so lucky to take these photos of  beautiful flowers and tree when walking along a road.

Fruit-like Orange Color Fruits Tree

Fruit-like Orange Color Fruits Tree (in New Zealand)

These fruit like orange colored fruits (I presume they are fruits ) are in bunches from a tall tree. They brighten my entire trip with their bright colors and I like them very much. I had to lift my head up to the sky when I took a photo of this tree and its quite tall. If you notice at the corners, you can see the sky and clouds and you can tell how tall it is.


Garden of  beautiful flowers

Garden of beautiful flowers

This is the garden of different types of  beautiful red and pink flowers at residential areas. I was so happy to see them. 


Beautiful Orange Color Flowers

Beautiful Orange Color Flowers (photo taken in New Zealand)

These orange flowers bloomed in ball-like shapes and look so lovely and sweet. The others that are in bloom are also beautiful as well.

Hope you like these flowers and trees that I share with You.


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