Roast honey chicken with veggies recipe

Roast Honey Chicken with Vegetables Recipe

June 11, 2015

My Friends, recommend You sweet aromatic roast honey chicken with vegetables. Besides its sweet fragrant tasting flavor, all the veggies such as carrot, potatoes, broccoli and cherry tomatoes absorbs the flavor of chicken and honey. Honey makes this dish fragrant and sweet enhancing flavor of dish.

Photo of Roast Honey Chicken with Vegetables

Roast honey chicken with veggies recipe

Ingredients :
– 1 Chicken
– Potato (cut into bite sizes)
– Carrot (cut into bite sizes)
– Broccoli (cut into florets)
– Cherry tomatoes
– Honey (to brush on chicken and veggies)
– Salt
– Pepper
– Cooking oil

Simple Way of Cooking : (Total cooking time is approximately 50 minutes)

1. Rub chicken with some cooking oil, salt and pepper. Place the chicken  into the cooker on top of a low rack. Put in potatoes and carrots at the side. Place the lid on top and cook at 190 degree C  for 40 minutes.

Roasting honey chicken with veggies

2. After 40 minutes, add in broccoli and tomatoes, brush chicken and vegetables with honey, sprinkle some salt and pepper. Continue to cook all ingredients  for another 10 minutes or until desire browning.

Add broccoli , tomatoes and brush chicken with honey

For this dish, Go chef is used to cook it. It is very convenient and food cooked is savory. Highly recommend You to check it out. Hope You like it.

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