Savory Curry Lentils With Chicken Recipe

August 22, 2016

Curry Lentils with Chicken Recipe

Happy to share flavorsome curry lentils with chicken recipe with you.This dish is easily cooked for about 15 minutes. This makes it a quick and easy to cook dish. It is healthy and delicious. Chicken breast meat is chosen as a healthier choice. I often cook this dish for my family. It has a spicy and fragrant taste. The aroma of the curry sauce, crunchy lentils and tender chicken fills your mouth with deliciousness.

Curry Lentils with Chicken Recipe

Ingredients :
– Lentils : 100 grams (wash with water before use)
– Chicken breast : 300 grams (cut into bite sizes)
– Curry paste : 120 grams
– Chili paste : 30 grams
– Few curry leaves
– Chili (optional)
– Cooking oil : 40 ml
– water : 1 cup

Cooking this dish :

(1) Heat up deep pot with oil, add in curry and chili paste, curry leave, chili, mix the ingredients and stir fry until oil is separated from the ingredients.

(2) Add in chicken meat, stir fry and mix well, mix in lentils, add a cup of water, mix all ingredients, simmer for 5 minutes or until the sauce is thicken with preferred consistency.



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