Spicy Scallops Recipe

Savory Spicy Scallops Recipe

March 6, 2015

Spicy Scallops Recipe

Savor this spicy scallops that is beautifully decorated. Together with pineapple rings and cherry tomatoes, it makes this dish more appetizing. The beauty of this dish is from the freshness and chewiness of scallop together with spicy chili paste. It has a strong flavor and nice fragrance from combination of ingredients such as ginger, blue ginger, shallots etc… Check out the Ingredients list below. You can savor flavorsome scallop with sour pineapple and sweet cherry tomatoes to give you a refreshing taste on top of its strong flavor. Enjoy and savor this dish.

Ingredients :

Ingredients for Spicy Scallops Recipe

– Scallop (26 pieces)

Paste ingredients :
– Candle nut : 5 pieces
– shallots : 5 pieces
– garlic : 3 cloves
– stalk of lemon grass : 1/2 stalk
– blue ginger : 2 pieces
– Ginger : 2 pieces
– Chili paste : 2 tbsp
– Few red chilies (optional)
– Cooking oil
-Salt and seasoning to taste

Appetizer and decoration :
– Canned pineapple rings
– Cherry tomatoes
– Spring onion

 Cooking method :

(1)  Blend all paste ingredients into smooth paste, set aside.

(2) In wok, scald scallops in hot oil, drain oil and set aside.

(3) With the same wok, heat up 6 tbsp of oil, add in paste, stir fry until oil is separated and ingredients are fragrant. Add in few table spoons of water for sauce.

(4) Return scallops to wok,  add in salt and seasoning to taste, stir fry and mix all ingredients. Continue to stir fry until scallops is cooked and tender.

Hope you like this recipe 🙂 Enjoy cooking!


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