Crocheted Red Jacket

Sentimental Value of Beautiful Crocheted Red Jacket

May 12, 2015


Oh dear friends, this beautiful red jacket with sentimental value was crocheted by my dearest grandmother when I was four years old.  I understand from my mum that my grandma got inspiration for the design pattern when she saw her friend’s daughter wearing it.

It is still fresh in my mind that my grandma, sitting near the window, crocheting this red jacket for me. As my grandma is crocheting, I was so happy and jumping around. This jacket was carefully and preciously kept with me. Till now, I feel so happy and warm as I look upon this jacket which reminds me of my grandma.

I find it a wonder that this jacket is a crocheted as a whole piece without seaming.  Using thin wool to crochet, there were identical flowery pattern with spaces in between. There is a string that can be tied up in the  front which passes through the collar with flower frills at the end.

I used as a cardigan and wore it to school during cold weather. Its made me feel warm and also the love of my grandma.

Even now, I often take out and cover it over my shoulder.

Crocheted Red Jacket


Crocheted Red Jacket without tieing

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