Tasty Mini Custard Puffs Recipe

July 4, 2016

Mini Custard Puffs

Hello friends, it is a joy to share with you mini custard puffs, a yummy dessert I like to bake for my family. This dessert is good for gatherings and parties etc..

It is soft, fluffy with custard fragrance that is a savory delight.

To have a successful puff pastry, precise measurement of ingredients are needed. Beaten egg is slowly added to the flour mixture until it reaches the right consistency.

Mini Custard Puffs Recipe


Ingredients for Puff Pastry :
– Margarine : 60 grams
– Water : 100 ml
– Plain flour : 60 grams
– 1 beaten egg

Making the Puff Pastry :

(1.1) In a pan, melt butter in water, when butter dissolves completely, turn to low heat, add in flour, mix well.

(1.2) Remove the pan from heat, gradually add in beaten egg, mix them well until the dough slowly drops from the mixer.

(1.3) In a baking dish, use a decorating tube, squeeze out the dough into a diameter of 4cm. Bake in preheated oven for 220 C for 30 minutes or until the puffs turn golden brown.

(Note : Baking time vary with the type of device used)


Ingredients for custard cream :
– 2 tbsp of Custard Powder
– 300 ml of fresh milk
– 1 tbsp of sugar

Making the Custard Cream :
(2.1) Mix 2 tbsp of custard powder to 100 ml of fresh milk.

(2.1) Heat up remaining fresh milk and sugar together. When sugar dissolve, add the mixture of fresh milk and custard powder. Constantly stir the mixture until it is thicken to the right consistency.

3. Ready to savor yummy Mini Custard Puffs  :
When baking of puffs pastry is done, let the puffs cool down, make a cut at 1/3 from the top, fill with custard cream and sprinkle icing sugar on top of the custard puff.

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