Trash-free grocery shopping

Trash-free grocery shopping

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You may be aware of the benefits of buying organic, locally-sourced food. You may also be avoiding certain companies and favoring others due to their environmental track record. But have you considered the impact of the packaging that your food comes in?

In this video, we take you on a grocery shopping trip with us and show you how to avoid unnecessary packaging and plastic.

What’s so bad about plastic? Some quick facts:
-More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans each year.
-It is estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean.
-It takes plastic 400 years to degrade in water.
-Plastic can usually only be recycled once.
-Of the 300 million tons of plastic produced annually, half is for single use purposes.
-About 12 million barrels of oil are used annually to make plastic bags in the United States.
-Each year, the Australian government spends more than $4 million to clean up plastic bag litter.
-There’s little evidence that bottled water is safer than tap water.

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