Vow, Stuff Crispy Chicken with Glutinous Rice and Appetizing Kimchi

Stuff Crispy Chicken with Glutinous Mix Rice

Stuff Crispy Chicken with Glutinous Rice

Stuff Crispy Chicken with Glutinous Mix Rice

Recipe of Stuff  crispy Chicken with Glutinous Rice 

– 1 Chicken
– 2 cups of glutinous rice (soak for 1 hour)
– 1 Chinese Sausage (Slices)
–  5 pieces of dried mushrooms
– 1 small can of braised peanuts
– 5 pieces each of shallots and garlic (chopped)
– Water- Salt and chicken seasoning powder (to taste)

Method :
(1) Rub salt and oil on chicken”s skin.

(2) Heat up oil, fry shallot and garlic  until fragrant, add in mushroom,  sausage, braised peanuts, stir fry evenly and lastly add in glutinous rice,  add salt and chicken seasoning powder to taste, add water to  cover rice, mix well,  Stir fry until the rice mixture is sticky.

(3) Stuff the rice mixture into chicken stomach, seal with toothpick. Pre-heat oven. Grill chicken for 250°C in oven for  for 45 minutes or until golden brown. (Timing depends on the size of the chicken.)

(4) Steam rice (that are not stuffed in the chicken)  for 20 to 30 minutes.

Glutinous Rice with Sausage Peanuts and Mushroom

Appetizing  Korean Kimchi

Appetizing Korean Kimichi


– 1 packet of Kimichi
– 1 packet of Enoki Mushroom
– 1 packet of fish sticks
– Green Chilies
– A small handful of fresh parsley

Method to Cook:
1) Place Ingredients In Cooker

2) Microwave for 4 to 5 minutes

Hope You Like My Recipe 🙂