Wearables in Primary Care: an Innovation Workshop

Wearables in Primary Care: an Innovation Workshop

December 15, 2018

On July 13th 2018 David Ellis from Lancaster University and Lukasz Piwek from Bath University held an interdisciplinary meeting funded by the GetAMoveOn Network+ to facilitate networking and collaboration between groups developing health technologies and people working in NHS primary care. The aim was to explore ideas for wearables that could help address particular health issues, or be used in occupational settings. So how did it go, and what new ideas did they come up with, that could one day be prescribed by healthcare professional to get patients moving more?

Primary care remains a key point of contact for patients who are suffering from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle (e.g. cardiovascular problems), or who have complex needs with varying degrees of comorbidity (e.g. obesity and diabetes). This presents a challenging environment for the design of wearable technology. As part of their GetAMoveOn thinkpiece (which you can read here: https://getamoveon.ac.uk/content/6-publications/1-thinkpieces/ellis-piwek-web-version.pdf ) Ellis and Piwek, considered how future wearable interventions might be improved or re-designed from the ground up in order to maximise their success rate. They proposed trialing a practitioner-based approach to help inform thinking about how wearable technologies might best serve specific domains in health or occupational settings.

The aim of this workshop was to kick-start that process through the exchange of ideas, experiences and a collaborative, hands-on innovation session. Participants worked in groups to develop a ‘big idea’ for an innovation and lay the foundations for developing a funding proposal to design and build future technologies that could one day be prescribed by a GP or other health care professional, to get patients moving more.

This event was funded by the GetAMoveOn Network+ from EPSRC grant number EPN027299/1

Find out more about GetAMoveOn at https://getamoveon.ac.uk/

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