Jet Boat Adventure in New Zealand -Where am I?

Where Am I In the Jet Boat Adventure, New Zealand

May 13, 2015

Oh my goodness, Where am I in the photo?

(The answer is below where the words are bolded)

Jet Boat Adventure in New Zealand -Where am I?

Dear friends, I took out a photo of mine while I was on a jet boat in New Zealand, South Islands many years ago. Tried to figure which one is me? I look at it over and over again but still could not figure it out. At first, I thought I was at the second row in the middle. But I was wrong because I was not wearing a gray shirt covered with red raincoat.

Upon looking more closely,

“I realized I was the one who bend my head down the most with my shoulders shrugging !! “

First row in the middle is me. Read on as I share my feelings of this adventure.

One more funny joke among my friends is we were all “little red riding hoods” on a fun exciting jet boat. I had a hard time figuring where I was as there were many red riding hoods on this jet boat ride 🙂

This is an unforgettable jet boat experience many years ago. It was exhilarating and exciting. Stunts performed is speeding near the rock cliffs till a point it almost collide into it. Oh my goodness, I and my lady friends screamed their lungs out as water splashes onto us without mercy. The calm and collected speed boat driver is so cool !!!   My inner voice tell me that the driver must be happy knowing he succeeded in making us really excited about the speed boat ride.

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